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payorology studies payor rates to help medical practices prepare for successful contract negotiations with payors. 

We work to uncover the largest revenue opportunities by analyzing current contracted rates of other comparable providers and practices. We share insights and size incremental revenue potential.

Providers care for patients.
Payorology cares for providers.

Answer key questions before payor negotiations begin.


What rate increase should I ask for?

Am I asking the payor for a large enough increase? Can I ask for more than I thought?  What do other providers achieve in their negotiations with each of my payors?

Annual Code Utilization

Based on my annual code utilization by payor, where are my largest revenue opportunities?  Are they the codes I would expect?  How does my practices volume change my strategy?


Which codes should I carve out?

With limited rate carve outs, which codes are most critical?  Am I focussed on the right codes?  When other providers negotiate increases, which codes are they focused on?

Who are my peer practices?

How do my payor rates compare to other practices in my specialty and my area?  Are there practices that I am not currently comparing myself to that I should?

Should we join with another practice?

Would a merger or acquisition of another practice provide instant incremental revenue growth for the combined providers?

Where do I stand by payor?

How do I compare to other practices  by payor?  Which payors should I focus on renegotiating, and which payors am I already a top practice?  Are they the payors I would expect?

Payor Rates Payer Rates


Managing any business is difficult, but managing a medical practice is different.  Patient health always needs to come first, which means it’s easy to let everything else slip to maintain proper patient care.  Payorology helps practices maximize negotiations with payors to secure rate increases that enable practices to grow their staff, their office, and create caring environments so patients thrive.


Payor and Payer Rates

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Providers care for patients.

Payorology cares for providers.